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Mount of the three valleys

Gateway to the Gorges d'Héric, dominated to the north by the high wall of the Espinouse on which hangs the Caroux with its characteristic profile, Mons-la-Trivalle is a commune full of charm and a natural tourist site. Its name, which means "Mount of the three valleys", defines its location exactly.

Gorges d'Héric
Mons-La-Trivalle is well protected from northern winds thanks to its majestic mountain. This village is at the meeting point of three valleys: The Héric, bubbling between the high rocks, cascading down and calming itself at the bottom of steep gorges suitable for swimming, the Jaur, winding quietly along the valley from west to east, and the Orb, a powerful and unpredictable river tracing its path to the wine plains to the south.

In balance between oceanic, Mediterranean and mountain influences, the Caroux, made of gneiss, rich in mica flakes, reflects a particular luminosity which gave the place the nickname of "mountain of light".
The climatic conditions make the massif a unique natural gem, home to a very rich flora and fauna.
The Caroux massif is one of the main French climbing sites. Mons-la-Trivalle also has a beautiful site for canoeing and the Voie Verte is ideal for cycling.
The Commune is made up of numerous hamlets scattered around the village: Ornac, la Voulte, la Coste, les Verdier Haut et bas, Bardou...
View from Tarassac:



:: Gorges d'Héric
:: Sentier de Pays "les Terrasses" beginning at the tourist office.
:: GR de Pays Haut Languedoc et Vignobles of the GR7-Bardou to the old Mons. From the Old Mons, two possibilities : go down to the Voie Verte Passa Païs to reach Olargues or join the Gorges d'Héric and go up to the hamlet of Héric on the discovery path.
:: PR "les balcons du Caroux" au départ de St Martin de l'Arçon
:: PR "le sommet du Caroux" au départ de Douch (commune de Rosis)

Le Caroux is a mountain environment. Before setting off on a hike :
- Check the weather forecast as conditions can change rapidly,
- Provide water and food according to your itinerary.
- Take waterproof, warm and light clothing with you.
- Take hiking boots with you
- Take a first aid kit with you
- Beware of falling rocks
- Respect the beauty of the site by taking your waste downhill.
- Get a detailed map




:: Gorges d'Héric.
::Tarassac bridge 1870.
::12th century, Saint-Roch romanesque chapelle, listed to the Historic Monuments to the Voulte
:: 18th century Mill of Prades. 
:: Maison Montmorency 1598.
:: 18th century parish church : bell 1723 listed in the Historic Monuments.
:: View from Tarassac

Cityhall information

Avenue de la Gare
34390 Mons la Trivalle
04 67 97 71 70
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